I’m Hanna.

My kitchen is my hearth and baking is my magic. This blog is all about sharing cozy recipes that light me up.

I’m a person who thrives on coziness, and I like to create my own cozy. I curate my home, food, and lifestyle accordingly.

If there are no decorations on the wall, I make paintings, or wall-hangings. If I want new plants, I take cuttings from old ones for propagation. And if I want a sandwich, I make a loaf of sourdough with my starter and some whole grains. These methods take lots of time and patience, but they are wholesome and feel good to me.

I typically create something edible every day because the kitchen is my absolute favorite place to be in. This blog has become a place for me to document my baking recipes and experiments. The ingredients I use are simplistic, but with great possibility.

More about me: I went to art school, I make ceramics, I played the cello for a long time, I teach yoga. I have an older brother who is a scientist. My mom is Chinese and my dad is Icelandic. Sometimes I make things influenced by their cultures and my visits to both countries!