image of sliced semi-rye sandwich sourdough loaf recipe

Semi-Rye Sandwich Sourdough

This Semi-Rye Sandwich Sourdough is squishy. I don’t know if that’s the perfect word for it. But when you press on the loaf, it squishes down and puffs back up. The crumb is like a soft, tender sponge. But it’s not dry like a sponge at all. It’s actually very hydrated. It’s such a good texture – I highly, highly recommend tasting it yourself. Because clearly, I’m describing it very awkwardly.

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image of close up baked sourdough red bean buns recipe with sesame seeds

Sourdough Red Bean Buns

What better way is there to celebrate Lunar New Year than with some baked Sourdough Red Bean Buns? Of course, I had to make Red Bean Buns with only sourdough as the leavening agent…because I love a challenge. And don’t worry, the buns don’t have any sour flavor from the sourdough. They’re super delicious.

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