image of cozy pink rooftop riad in marrakech, morocco as the photo for a gift guide for 2021

Gifts To Warm The Soul In Winter 2020

I wanted to write up a little gifts to warm the soul guide for the new year, the new chapter, the future seasons. Because these gifts warm my soul, and create space for a hopeful future.

I took the pink cozy photo above in Morocco in March of 2020, before Covid swept through Europe then the US. The coziness level was at its max on a sunny pink rooftop of the riad I was staying at in Marrakech. On a yoga retreat. It was luscious. Without a doubt, traveling is missed. But now we have the chance to grow some cozy in our own homes, in our own hearts.

Also, this mini guide is also my way of documenting the interesting things I got myself into in the past few months. These items have definitely increased my house’s cozy level. I always try to give myself as much joy and excitement as I can towards new activities or comforts in the house.

Most of the gifts I consider for others and myself are especially related to comfort, coziness, and self-care. Most of my activities in general are self-care related, whether they branch off into baking, art, or yoga ~my three favorite things~!

So finally, here are my tried and tested gifts for comforting the hearth of your home and perhaps the interior of your heart. All of these things are from small businesses (most of them women-owned, hooray), so go support them and their passions!

Here are my gifts to warm the soul:

image of sarah owens sourdough cookbook for gifts for the soul winter 2020
Image via Roost Books

Sourdough by Sarah Owens

This cookbook is the ultimate sourdough guide that is so down to earth and wholesome. It’s won a James Beard award for good reason, and Sarah Owens is the most genuine, good-hearted baker, horticulturist, and artist – you really can’t find a better teacher. It’ll help guide you into the world of whole grains and ancient grains, as well as teach you interesting ways to work with the plants of every season. It even moves in seasons, which is perhaps the most poetic way to section a cookbook. Through Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, you’ll get to know your sourdough starter through and through.

image of white donabe from toiro kitchen for gifts for the soul winter 2020
Image via TOIRO Kitchen & Supply

The Shiro-Kushime Donabe from TOIRO Kitchen & Supply

I learned about Donabe cooking from my friend on Instagram, who was making the most comforting looking one pot meals. She was following recipes from TOIRO’s founder Naoko’s book, DONABE. The Donabe on TOIRO sell out quickly, but you can be emailed when the special one you want is available. They’re authentic Iga-yaki Donabe from Japan, and TOIRO Kitchen & Supply’s pantry is so beautifully dedicated to selling pantry items from Japan as well. Their storefront is in LA, and I hope to make it there one day to see all the beautiful Donabe in person. Currently, I’m loving my white Bistro Donabe, which arrived last week. I’ve already made Chicken Hot Pot from Naoko’s cookbook and some congee.

image of lumberman co candles for gifts for the soul winter 2020
Image via Lumberman & Co.’s Etsy

Winter Beeswax Candles from Lumberman & Co.

Lumberman & Co. has the most gorgeous handmade beeswax taper candles varying from ombre or striped to solid colors. I have these Winter ones in 12 inches, and they’re stunning. Like, I opened the package and was blown away by how beautiful and charming they were. I think taper candles are so in right now, and I love beeswax ones because they’re healthier for our lungs than burning soy or paraffin wax ones. These are ultimate cozy vibes for the winter.

image of mother deer bee and mae t-shirt for gifts for the soul winter 2020
Image via Bee & Mae

Mother Deer T-Shirt from Bee & Mae

I got this for my mother for the holidays this year. I haven’t given it to her yet but let’s hope she loves it! Bee & Mae makes the cutest shirts, pins & totes for all the people in your life – the sassy millennials, the mothers, the babies, the angsty 20 year olds (me). The woman who runs it is super inspiring and down to earth. I got this Spooky Ass Bitch tee for myself when I feel like pretending it’s always Halloween. I love being a spooky ass bitch.

image of cranberry woods diffuser from rockaway candle co for gifts for the soul winter 2020
Image via Rockaway Candle Co.’s Etsy

Cranberry Woods Reed Diffuser from Rockaway Candle Co.

Mm, I love a good scent. Scent can change so much in a moment! I love a nice dreamy, seasonal scent lingering around my yoga space, a bathroom, or anywhere, really! I love Rockaway’s reed diffusers. They also have a huge selection of handmade soy candles as well as some cute Car Diffuser Scented Tassels. Rockaway’s scent options are made of clean and natural ingredients!

image of found my animal leash gifts for the soul winter 2020
Image via Found My Animal

The Adjustable Lois Ombre Cotton Rope Dog Leash from Found My Animal

I couldn’t not have a gift for the dog friends in our lives. I actually got this leash at a design convention two years ago in NYC. The founder’s mom sold it to me! She was the sweetest and I fell hard for their story behind their leashes, which emphasizing rescuing and helping animals. The loveliest part is the numbered brass tag on the leash which is the the unique, ever-changing number of animals the company has helped so far! My rescue doggo is the sweetest. Also, she looks so stylish with her gorgeous rope leash.

Thanks for checking out my gift guide! Let me know what you think in the comments. What are your favorite gifts that you’ve found this season?

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