Valentine’s Day Gifts I Bought Myself in 2021

Okay, so…most of these Valentine’s Day self-gifts are food related. Like, 3 out of 4. I have no regrets. I’ll also be making my Vegan Sourdough Squash Cinnamon Buns that day. What are holidays for if not food?!

image of from roy triple chocolate panettone
Image via From Roy

Triple Chocolate Panettone by From Roy

If you’ve never had a panettone made by Roy, you’re missing out. Do yourself a favor and try it at least once in your life. It’s unlike anything you’ve had before. It’s unlike all other panettone, it’s that good. He releases different interesting flavors for most holidays, so pay attention if you want a special one.

image of box of tango mandarins from frog hollow farm
Image via Frog Hollow Farm

Organic Tango Mandarins from Frog Hollow Farm

The juiciest, sweetest organic Mandarins from California, anyone? I have to spoil myself sometimes with delicious citrus sometimes…living on the East Coast is tough for citrus lovers. These are the sweetest Mandarins you’ll ever have. I promise. If you’re like, “How good can a Mandarin even be?”, you’re in for a tasty surprise.

image of 3 times dumplings
Photo by Mengjin Chen via the NY Times

Frozen Soup Dumplings (小笼包) from 3 Times

Look, Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day are just SO close to each other…so, yes, I got a bunch of frozen dim sum from 3 Times, a Chinese restaurant in NYC. Because dumplings, and so much more. They have so many frozen options, it’s amazing! And it’s a great way to support restaurants during a time like this.

Image via A24 Films

Donni x Face Lace: HEAD IN THE CLOUDS Face Decals

Yes, face decals is the only non-food item I bought for Valentine’s Day. These are so cute, though! I want anything cute I can stick on my face. I may not know how to do full makeup, but I do know how to stick stickers on my face. Why aren’t face decals more relevant in every day life? Also, 10% of the profits go to Trans Lifeline. So good.

And that’s it! Such special Valentine’s Day gifts…you can find me munching on my couch with cloud decals on my face.

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